Mount Sanitas


Emilia Vasquez, LMT

Helping Outdoor Enthusiasts conquer pain from past or recent injuries, increase flexibility for their chosen outdoor activity, transform stress from daily life and find the summit of their potential in their bodies!

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Emilia Vasquez


Lover of the Outdoors, Passionate Wilderness seeker! I am Emilia and I am on a mission to transform your pain inflexibility in your body!

~ Have an old injury that seizes up when you’re hiking?
~ Need to recover faster after the long weekend exploring the wilderness?
~ Stressed out from your hobby and it’s stopping you from focusing?
~ Want to plan that next adventure with fluid clarity in your body and mind?

I understand! Massage has transformed my injury from a climbing accident.
I was told I might never climb or have proper use of my right arm ever again!
GUESS WHAT? I climb everything I want to! Massage Therapy is a crucial factor in this passion of mine!

My genius is communicating with your nervous system to help you recover faster, prevent injuries, and find deep relaxation! I want YOU doing what you love in the Outdoors with the sun on your face. The smell of trees and plants as you explore the high of reaching the summit and riding horses until the stars come out.

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~ Where Medical Massage coalesces with Intuitive Massage Medicine.
~ Highest of Standards in sanitation of the office space.
~ Direct sustained presence in every massage.
~ A commitment to meeting you where you are in your body’s needs.




“A deeply grounded individual, Emilia is dedicated to bringing healing through touch and through working with horses. She wields the multitude of modalities she has studied with the mastery of a Samurai. She embodies the power, grace, and intuition of a Centaur.” — ANITA
“An authentic, powerful steward of the Earth, Emilia lives her life in tandem with Spirit. Unconventionally wise, her energy is rooted in the depth of her integrity, and soars skyward on the wings of passion. The strength of her character lies in her knowledge of her Self, and her dedication to Truth.” — GREG

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“I have had the good fortune to receive bodywork from some of the most skilled practitioners in various modalities all over the planet. I have to say that Emilia is the best I have ever experienced. She is extremely intuitive, and the depth of her skillset is impressive. She is able to weave various forms of massage into a beautiful and nurturing experience. Emilia is truly gifted and I feel blessed to have found her.” 

“Emilia is a deeply gifted bodyworker – her integrity and intuitive understanding of the bodies is felt. Emilia is invested in her clients, always growing and seeking to expand her knowledge by learning new methods through which to serve as a healer. I consistently leave her office feeling transformed on a cellular level! Her quiet warmth and compassion create a truly safe and relaxing space. I’m grateful for the priceless healing and wisdom she has shared over the years I’ve known her.” — MEGGIE