Emilia Vasquez, LMT


“An authentic, powerful steward of the Earth, Emilia lives her life in tandem with Spirit. Unconventionally wise, her energy is rooted in the depth of her integrity, and soars skyward on the wings of passion. The strength of her character lies in her knowledge of her Self, and her dedication to Truth.” — GREG

“A deeply grounded individual, Emilia is dedicated to bringing healing through touch and through working with horses. She wields the multitude of modalities she has studied with the mastery of a Samurai. She embodies the power, grace, and intuition of a Centaur.” — ANITA

“I have had the good fortune to receive bodywork from some of the most skilled practitioners in various modalities all over the planet. I have to say that Emilia is the best I have ever experienced. She is extremely intuitive, and the depth of her skillset is impressive. She is able to weave various forms of massage into a beautiful and nurturing experience. Emilia is truly gifted and I feel blessed to have found her.” — Anonymous

“Emilia is a deeply gifted bodyworker – her integrity and intuitive understanding of the bodies is felt. Emilia is invested in her clients, always growing and seeking to expand her knowledge by learning new methods through which to serve as a healer. I consistently leave her office feeling transformed on a cellular level! Her quiet warmth and compassion create a truly safe and relaxing space. I’m grateful for the priceless healing and wisdom she has shared over the years I’ve known her.” — MEGGIE

“A massage with Emilia feels like being immersed into a sacred ceremony, Emilia is grounded, present and comes with so many wonderful tools and is highly skilled! I highly recommend her body work for bringing you back to center and balance out any issues you have, you won’t be disappointed!” — JULIA

“I have had many massages with Emilia.  She is by far one of the best therapists I have ever seen.  She is intuitive, has had very expansive training, is great at communicating/listening, and I feel comfortable with her while interacting.  When I have an issue that needs to be addressed Emilia is the therapist I call.  She works well with active people who need massage for body/mind balance. I would recommend her highly to anyone with confidence they will also be very pleased with her bodywork.” — BECKY

“I am a professional bodyworker myself and am quite picky about the quality of work I receive for my own selfcare. Emelia is one of my absolute favorite Practitioners because of her diverse skill-set and genuine talent, but also because of her professionalism and comforting bedside manner. I have received from countless Massage Therapists and it is so rare to find someone who possesses all of these qualities. I highly recommend this place!” — KATRINA