Meet Emilia

Emilia Vasquez, LMT

My Mission is to help other Outdoor Enthusiasts find and continue their dreams of adventure in the great Outdoor pain-free.

Hello! I am Emilia, the founder of Mount Sanitas Therapeutic Massage and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012. I have been a Massage Therapist at heart ever since my quest to be on the all-boys football team in grade school. This journey to be on the team led me to pour over books and any information where I could get to learn how to transform my mind and body so I could compete in football. I discovered how to care for my body with self-massage, exercise, meditation and visualizations.

My journey to becoming a Massage Therapist would take many years from this first inspiration to become a football player. I would go on to be in love with the human potential from devouring books on anatomy for artwork and reading how the human mind worked. I would travel the U.S. working on farms and sitting in a Redwood tree to protect it from mass clearcutting. This journey showed me all along the way that it was clear — I was meant to be a Massage Therapist!

In 2012 I enrolled in an extensive Massage Therapy Program at Blue Sky Educational Foundation in Greenbay, Wisconsin. I graduated with a focus in Medical Massage. I took my wings from school and moved back to Boulder, CO. Everyone told me: “Emilia the profession is saturated there & it’s competitive”. I said. “Good! I want to learn from the best so I can offer the best!”  Every year since graduation, I have exceeded the continuing education requirements. Not only do I strive to continue this every year, I welcome every opportunity I get!

To me, massage unveils our human potential. It is a deep conversation with our nervous system that unlocks a deeper flow into who we are meant to be. My commitment to finding the best bodywork has led me to Thailand two times for months, to a month-long immersive training back in the US, and to a passionate commitment to personal development training.

Massage Therapy transformed me on many levels, from recovering from an injury caused by a climbing accident, to my weekly massages to sustain a whole sustained-focused presence when I am giving massage and bodywork to you! I love being able to see people find serene relaxation, or an easement of their pain. It makes me so happy to meet someone where they are.

Outside of being a Massage Therapist, I am a passionate Outdoor Enthusiast! I own three horses and a beloved dog. On my days off I spend time outside soaking up the sun, smelling the trees, challenging myself with a new hike, jumping in cold rivers, or riding horses until the stars come out. I believe in taking long journeys into the Wilderness to unplug, reset and rejuvenate.

I believe that when we align with the right people the real magic happens. I look forward to meeting you! — Emilia